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First of all, a visit to the dentist will be necessary, in order to ascertain whether the defect is correctable with the aligners. In case of a favorable response, it will be possible to proceed with the treatment.



The dental impression of both arches is taken and delivered to the drafting and production center, along with the orthodontist's indications.

invisible aligners


Through a dedicated software, the obtained 3D model is used to simulate the movements the teeth will carry out, in order to reach the perfect alignment. Some pictures of the case study are also taken and sent to the orthodontist, who will check the movements step-by-step.

invisible aligners


Once the doctor's approval is received and following any requested modifications, the customized aligners are produced.

invisible aligners


The number of aligners and the duration of the treatment depend on the extent of the movements to be carried out. On average, the treatment can last from 3 months for easy cases, up to 18 months for complex ones. For each case, it is possible to agree upon personalized delivery times with the orthodontist, dividing the set of aligners in a few rounds. This is a tendency in the most problematic cases, which need greater attention, thus a prompt correction is possible in case of problems.




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